Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is a form of business process outsourcing (BPO) where an employer transfers all or part of its recruitment processes to an external recruitment service provider.  We provide you an exclusive team of recruiters, technology, methodologies and reporting to ensure a successful execution.


When you fill an opening at your company, you want to hire the best candidate possible. Unfortunately, finding that candidate can be a costly process, and sometimes you may not even know what to look for. Talentbuz offers proven RPO plans that are backed by years of experience. Through a variety of tools, we are able to look closely at each candidate, combining data from multiple recruitment systems to determine which candidates have the potential to match both your organization and a specific role.


Our customizable end-to-end solution combines recruiting expertise with state-of-the-art technology platforms and sophisticated methodologies to help clients streamline recruitment processes, enhance candidate experience, and improve quality of hire, ultimately impacting the long-term success of an organization. We see talent acquisition as a critical function of the business, one that impacts not just the bottom line but one that can also drive top line growth.


  1. Better and more cost-effective processes

Talentbuz has been handling recruitment process outsourcing for decades, and in that time, we’ve honed and refined our recruitment process to be as efficient as possible. We recognize that replacing an employee can be an expensive process, in many cases costing more than double the employee’s annual salary, according to some studies.

  1. Reductions in cost and time to hire and more control over both

We pour our resources into simplifying the process and providing high-quality candidates who are a good fit for your business. While it’s vital to hire the best individuals to staff your company, every day your company goes without filling a position is a day your company is not operating at full efficiency. You need to put the right people in place quickly to allow your business to succeed.

TALENTBUZ RPO services allow you to focus on the best candidates without breaking the bank. We work with your leadership to develop a plan specific to your business to bring in the candidates you need, cutting down on the time and costs. Recruitment process outsourcing offloads the heavy lifting of talent acquisition while still keeping you closely involved in the process. Because the recruitment plan is customized to fit your company’s needs, you will have more control over how long it takes to find the right candidate and how much it costs to put them in place.

  1. A wider and more engaged network of potential candidates

Recruiting the best employees to your team requires more than just posting a job and waiting for the ideal candidates to walk through the front door. While that method may bring in a few interested parties, your selection will be small, and there is still no guarantee that any of them will be the best qualified for the position. Through innovative sourcing and employer brand strategies, as well as comprehensive talent and job market mapping


  1. Enhanced employer brand and corporate reputation

Your company’s image in the public light is an important part of your business strategy. Through decades of research and experience, TALENTBUZ has streamlined the RPO process in such a way that we can provide the insight your company needs to set itself apart. By presenting your organization as a leader in your industry, you encourage the professionals you want to bring to your team to look more closely and apply.

But building your company’s brand in the market is only a part of the job. As a part of our RPO services, we will help you to build your organization’s brand as an employer so that candidates will want to work for you. It’s one thing to offer employees a job and a steady paycheck. It’s something else entirely to build your company into something your employees can believe in. That’s what turns a job into a career, and that’s what turns employees into a team.

  1. Closer alignment of talent strategy with business strategy

At TALENTBUZ, we work with our clients to create comprehensive recruitment plans for roles in every level of the organization. This goes beyond just recruitment process outsourcing initiatives. The goal is to shape your business into the best version of itself possible. Not only do we help you to recognize exactly what is necessary to make your business thrive, we work with your leadership to fill your organization with the people who can make that happen. RPO is just the first step.